Video Tuition

DVD series ‘Create your own Bone Carving’, 4 DVDs with a total of 5 hours tuition based on 19 years of teaching experience in my workshops!

Now also available as digital download files only, with a proven smaller carbon footprint, fastest possible delivery and a great price!

If you prefer the hard copy DVDs you can order those with free airmail shipping worldwide!

High Definition video quality, great lesson, lots of techniques, tips & tricks giving you a great range of skillsets!

The Foundation Class (2 DVDs) will give you a great start into this amazing hobby!

The Masterclass (2 DVDs) will take you further and into more intricate and fascinating designs like the ‘twist’ and elegant lashing techniques as well as giving more great tool and workshop setup tips!

I am convinced that they are the best investment you can make to get you on the way into this fascinating hobby and avoiding spending money on unneccessary things as well as frustrating errors….!
My idea was to create video tuition that ‘I wish I would have had when I started out!’…!

Order both together at a special offer price, the complete “The Foundation & The Masterclass”, that’s 4 DVD with 5 hours of HD quality tuition in one set!

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