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A great start into this amazing hobby!

The Foundation video set will set you up with all the basics, going into two great designs along the way. Also the cleaning and preparation of the bone and Paua shell is fully explained as well as setting up your basic tool set up.

Tuition in digital download format (note: you will receive a download link for the content in mp4 files, not a parcel with discs) based on 19 years of teaching experience in my workshops!

I am convinced that they are the best investment you can make to get you on the way into this fascinating hobby and avoiding spending money on unneccessary things as well as frustrating errors….!
My idea was to create video tuition that ‘I wish I would have had when I started out!’…!

High Definition video quality, great lesson, lots of techniques, tips & tricks giving you a great range of skillsets!

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Tuition in digital download format (note: you will receive a download link for the content in mp4 files, not a parcel with discs) based on 19 years of teaching experience in my workshops!




“Stephan Gilberg takes an old world skill and turns it into an artform that anyone with desire can learn.  His step by step instructions and attention to detail empower the novice and advanced carver to achieve success.  The video is clear and easy to understand yet provides detail to enhance every skill level.  He takes no short cuts and his passion for excellence is displayed in every video.”
Frankie C, Miami, Florida

“I recently purchased the Master Class DVD set and am very pleased with the information on each DVD. Although I’ve been carving for a couple of years, the DVDs showed me techniques that I would have never figured out on my own. I also found the guidance very helpful. I’m looking forward to trying my first twist.”
Paul Stockford, Cave Creek, Arizona, USA

“Stephan’s bone carving dvds covers a great variety of information in exceptionally clear prose. Excellent for a beginner like me with no carving skills. The 4 dvds “The Foundation” & “The Masterclass” provided excellent advice to get me started. I highly recommend these DVDs to anyone interested in learning how to do bone carving.”
Oliver Dundang, Auckland, NZ

“The DVD set is a great resource for the casual carver or someone looking to go pro.
I liked the DVDs so much that I decided to travel to Nelson to take Stephan’s class in person.
I can wholeheartedly recommend the video or live class!”
Patrick, Bruceville, Texas, USA

“Delivered as promised. The instructional content is a must-have for anybody wanting to learn bone carving at home. Beginners will save a lot of time and money watching and learning from Stephan. More seasoned carvers will pick up valuable tips too. Stephan delivers his tutorial on a high quality DVD, ensuring nothing is missed…really, nothing. His attention to details is a testament to his character too. I’ve never met the guy personally but he was very responsive to my questions and issue. One of my DVDs was not playing correctly, paused half way through and would not continue. I contacted Stephan and he promptly responded and shipped me a replacement disc with no issues. The new DVD worked flawlessly as did the others.
Great instructions and a great guy. Buy with confidence!!!!!”
TN, California, USA

“The DVD gives the beginner a very clear and orderly teaching tool to embark on their own learning of bone carving art. I especially appreciate the focus on safety and would add a respirator (like one you can purchase at a hardware store) to the list of vital equipment. I found the sections that divide the steps into clear learning techniques very helpful and easy to refer back to as questions arouse when I started my project. Thanks for sharing your talent and skills with others.”
Caroline Friedman, Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA

“Regardless of ability or skill at bone carving, the set of DVD’s   ‘Create your own Bone Carving’ The Foundation & The Masterclass , presented as a 4 disc set by Stephan Gilberg is a ‘Must Have’ for any aspiring carver !!!
Very well presented by Stephan, easy to understand, excellent emphasis on safety. Even though I have been carving for awhile  many tips have allowed me to build on the skills I already had.
Stephan, I thank you. Trevor / Australia……………………. Very best wishes Trev.”
Trevor, Victoria, Australia

“Your DVD’s have been a great help in getting me started bone carving. I wish I had bought them before I had started buying tools and equipment. The content in the DVD’s is enough to understand the basic steps in completing a nice project. In six months time I will be on one of the outer islands of Fiji teaching bone carving and scrimshaw. Your DVD’s will be most useful. I have bought other things on the net, and been disappointed. Not this time. The DVD’s are worth all that I paid for them. Thanks.”  Hob Thompson

“I just purchased the Foundation plus the Master Class DVDs. As a beginning bone carver the Foundation class proved to me that anyone can produce great carvings.  The step by step processes on the Foundation DVD was almost fool proof. The initial success you have is so encouraging.  As a person with limited mobility this will provide me with years of enjoyment.” Chris Egbert, Columbia, Missouri, USA

“I received this DVD set extremely fast and very well rapped.  It only took a few minutes of watching the DVDs to have me hooked on the proses.  Stephan has a great relaxed way of teaching on the DVDs.
He teaches you in great detail but explains it all in a way the novice will understand.
It doesn’t take you long to get a bone to look like a piece of jewellery and thats what makes it so addictive.  For me the best bit is sanding and getting a glossy finish in the piece.  Just sitting watching TV in an evening with a piece of bone and a cloth is all you need to do.  Before you know it, your item is sparkling with perfection.  I can’t wait till Stephan does some more DVDs.”
Chris Stevens, United Kingdom

“I bought both DVD’s hoping to learn the basics of bone-carving. Now a year later, I’ve been invited to be part of my second local exhibition.
I love how detailed Stephan explains the step by step process of the designs from cleaning the bones to the finished product. It’s a total package for the beginner and as I moved through both DVD’s, I felt that – with practice – I would be able to make really beautiful pieces. I love my new hobby! I’ve been able to give beautiful pieces to friends and family and now I’m slowly moving into making a little bit of money from it. Thank you, Stephan. The DVD’s were a small price to pay in rekindling my artistic side!. Kiki, New Zealand”

“I received the Master tutorial disks today. I watched both of them and found them very informative. I have only been carving for a few months and needed a teaching format like yours to help me with my new venture. They sure make bone carving easier to understand. I can’t wait to get started making the twist. All the best! Ed McShea”



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